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New product
500C-Hot wire TIG Welding Power
HPE1220 Large Flow Hydraulic Electric Pump
TMB Series Monitoring Pre-load Bolt
The Bolt Tensioner in Petrochemical
CBE Group, headquarters in Canada, is one of the leading suppliers of on-site solution, especially professional for on-site installation and maintenance. We insist on providing the customer with the best quality and service with our professional R&D and service team.
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 Leader of CNNC  Zhongyu.. [2013-1-28]
The leaders of SNPEC vis.. [2013-1-28]
Leaders of Institute of .. [2013-1-28]
Bolt engineering
The CBE company four series hydrau..
On-site machining engineering
For field to all sorts of high tem..
Field measurement engineering
CBE professional measurement engin..
Welding process engineering
Applied to aerospace and advanced ..
The spot measurement project
CBE group is committed to the desi..

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